After a serious injury, it may be difficult to move around or complete daily responsibilities with ease. Bathing may seem impossible and an injured person may rely upon others for help. This can cause stress and embarrassment. It can also be inconvenient if bathing needs to be put off until someone is available to help. If a walk in shower or tub is installed in a home, it will no longer be difficult to bathe.

A large opening is added to a standard tub or stall so that it can be entered with ease. A door is secured to an opening so that water does not get onto a floor. A large seat can be installed in the center of a tub or stall. A seat will support an individual’s weight so that they can clean themselves without needing to worry about falling and becoming injured further. If it is difficult to stand up once seated, buttons can be pressed on a seat. The buttons will tilt a seat forward so that standing up will not be awkward.

A walk in bathtub in Massachusetts can have safety rails or jets installed in it. Safety rails will allow someone to hold on tightly as they are shifting their weight. They will also be useful if soap needs to be retrieved from the bottom of a tub. Jets are similar to ones that are found in customized hot tubs. They can be adjusted to several settings. The water that is emitted from each jet will help loosen muscles and reduce pain associated with an injury.

A contractor who provides aging in place help will assist with planning updates for an existing bathroom. They will discuss all of the features that can be added to a tub or shower so that a new customer can choose some that will be beneficial. Once an injured person bathes in their customized shower or tub, they will be able to relax and feel fresh. They may feel more independent and will be able to remain optimistic while recovering from the injuries that have been affecting their life.